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Charlbury Festival  10-18 June

Some really interesting events… workshops, concerts and much much more… Just down the road, too.

Upcoming writing competitions

International Poetry Competition   (Oxford Brookes Poetry Centre) – two £1000 prizes, deadline 28 August

How good is your website?  Writing a blog?
I am not a great self-promoter, but someone suggested that members might be interested in the various training courses that I run through the university and held in Ewert House, Summertown.  Click on the link below for more details of my next course.
Robert Bullard –

Creative writing seminars provided by Kellogg College are open to all with no need to book. Seminars are usually held monthly during term times. For the current programme, see

Forthcoming author talks at Oxford bookshops are listed here (Blackwells) and here (Waterstones).

Cherry Mosteshar’s consultancy The Oxford Editors ( is offering a 10% discount to all members of WIO on all services. The Oxford Editors also represents a small number of authors as their agent.

Megan Kerr offers creative writing courses and workshops as The Writers’ Greenhouse:

Story Elements: a twelve-week evening course to develop and practise the architecture of stories, using games & techniques you can apply to your own writing.  Elements include premise, characters, place, time, plot layering, bridging tension, sub-plots, detail, symbols, themes, opening scenes, and endings.

1 evening a week, 7pm – 9:30 pm, for 12 weeks, in Wolvercote
£320 (minus 10% discount for WiO members)

Imaginary Worlds: an eight-week evening course on world-building to improve or invent your own imaginary worlds: • explore the many genres that use imaginary worlds • how to constrain magic • make unlikely stuff convincing • your world’s physical detail • why your world matters • ripple-through effects • names and language • your characters’ political and economic realities • techniques for exposition

1 evening a week, 7pm – 9:30 pm, for 8 weeks, in Wolvercote
£240 (minus 10% discount for WiO members

Summer of Writing: one-day workshops on Saturdays in August, on topics students vote for in advance. Previous topics include developing creativity, expanding your repertoire, Magical Realism, writing dialogue, orientating the reader, and characterisation.

Saturdays in August, 10am – 4 pm, in Wolvercote
£60 for one, £55 each for 2, £50 each for three or more

*** About the courses  ***
• practise and develop different elements of novel-building
• process-learning: activities to try ideas out & build stories
• creative techniques for your own writing
• group-based: bounce ideas around
• not a formula or by-numbers approach
• not how to write prose: most of the class is interactive, not writing