Tim Griggs – new novel The Warning Bell

TG study shot

Tim Griggs, a member a few years ago who has recently rejoined WiO, has just had his new novel THE WARNING BELL published (under his pen-name of Tom Macaulay) by Orion in paperback. The press release tells us:

For Iain Madoc it all began when he was eight years old and his father took him out on a boat for the first time. But something happened to George Madoc out on the water that day. Something that changed him. And after that it was as if Iain didn’t have a real father at all.

Many years later, his dying mother at last offers Iain the key to unlock the mystery of what so traumatized his father that he turned away from his own son. On a spring night in 1944, George Madoc, then skipper of a high speed RAF launch, was sent on a secret mission to the fishing village of St Cyriac, on the occupied coast of Brittany. But the mission went terribly wrong. When George finally made it home, he could speak to no one about what had happened – and he kept that silence ever after.

Now his mother reveals that the wreck of George Madoc’s wartime launch has been found. The past is coming back to life for all of them.

Iain travels to St Cyriac, desperate to discover the truth and to close the gulf between himself and his father before it is too late. But St Cyriac will not give up its secrets easily. For some, the past is still dangerously alive, and Iain soon finds that his own family may have to pay the price of uncovering it.

B - 129 X 198 ORION