Everyday Philosophy: What is philosophy? Who needs it?

WiO member, writer and podcaster Nigel Warburton, Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at the Open University, is giving a talk about Philosophy at the Oxford Playhouse at 5pm on the 11th February 2011. Details can be found here: http://www.oxfordplayhouse.com/show/?eventid=1717.

The blurb says that he will discuss:

… the relevance of philosophy to life today. From questions about the limits of free speech to the nature of happiness, from what art is to the impact of new technology, philosophy offers insights into questions that matter. [He] will explore how the thoughts of some of the great philosophers of the past shed light on our present day predicament.

I hope he will address the philosophical problems inherent in two people following each other on Twitter. That seems very relevant to life today.