Brilliant Christmas Presents

Stuck for present ideas? Books by fellow WiO members make great Christmas presents. Browse titles in the Directory of Members and in recent Newsletters.

You can make recommendations in the comment box below (And even shameless short plugs for your own work, provided you’ve bought another member’s book!)

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  1. D'Arcy wrote:

    I’ve just bought Jane Bingham’s The Cotswolds: A Cultural History – a present for someone who’s a Laurie Lee fan and loves the area.

    Others I’m considering, all new in 2012, are:

    Leonardo and the Last Supper, Ross King
    a record of Leonardo da Vinci’s last five years in Milan and a ‘biography’ of one of the most famous works of art ever painted.

    The Green Road into the Trees, Hugh Thomson
    a 400 mile journey through landscapes of ancient England, casting unexpected light – and humour – on the way we live now.

    2nd May, Maeve Bayton’s new CD (acoustic folk). Listen to the title track at Available at Truck Store, Cowley Road or from Maeve.

    Posted 12 Nov 2012 at 1:33 pm
  2. Joy Hendry wrote:

    I’ve bought All in a Day’s Cricket. Brian Levison’s new “anthology of outstanding cricket writing”, which I will give to my cricket-loving brother who otherwise has pretty much everything he wants or needs!

    Here’s my quick plug for anyone who wants to know, or spread knowledge, about Anthropology (Beginners Guide, published by One World) or Japan (Understanding Japanese Society, 4th edition, published by Routledge), both new out this year. Joy Hendry (with Simon Underdown in the first case)

    Posted 05 Dec 2012 at 11:47 am
  3. Merryn Williams wrote:

    I have indeed bought Marcus Ferrar’s excellent book, ‘A Foot in Both Camps’ (for my husband who is interested in politics). So I think I may shamelessly plug my own book, ‘Effie: A Victorian Scandal’, the story of Ruskin’s wife, which is now a papeback and also an e-book!

    Posted 05 Dec 2012 at 5:43 pm

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