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The Corona Shuffle – by Jenyth Worsley

Swerve to the left, and then Swerve to the right. Do the corona shuffle and you’d better stay upright. Prams take priorityand walkers with their dogs, the elderly with sticks although some are on their trikes. Beware the pavement cyclistsand joggers sweating hot,or they’ll knock you to the roadwhere you’ll be run down by a […]

Virus Diary – by Brenda Stones

Yes, I’ve got it. Got IT. Not just The Flu, I reckon, but THE flu. How can you be sure, with no testing available? Well, you check the list of symptoms daily: yes, got that one; no, not as bad as that one, but mainly it’s that feeling yuk for days and weeks on end. […]

Who is the real Elena Ferrante? – by Brenda Stones

When the literary scandal broke, of Claudio Gatti unmasking the ‘true identity’ of Elena Ferrante in 2016, most people seemed content to accept that she was Anita Raja, the wife of novelist and journalist Domenico Starnone. However, now that Elena Ferrante prolongs her identity, even signing up to write a column for Saturday Guardian, maybe […]

Add weight to Your Words – by Robert Bullard

This month’s TV debates and hustings for leadership of the Conservative party – even if you positively loathe politics – provided a handy reminder of what works, and doesn’t, when giving speeches, talks and presentations.   What words and techniques caught your attention?  Without going into the details, here are my 5 practical takeaways: Particular words have weight and impact, […]