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THE HARE TRILOGY – by Dennis Hamley

Hare’s Choice, Badger’s Fate, Hawk’s Vision

Launch –Wednesday 20th November, 7pm


Wine and nibbles free!

‘A most moving and sensitive animal fantasy.’ – Richard Adams, author of Watership Down. 

An omnibus edition of three short novels for children, first published by Andre Deutsch and Scholastic between 1988 and 1993. They were aimed mainly at children between the ages of 8 to 13. I think they are the best things I have ever written.

They are not intended for children only. They are a meditation at an adult level asking the questions, ‘What is truth? Can stories be ‘true? If so, how?’

The last thirty years have been crucial for education. The Hare Trilogy now reads like a manifesto, pitting primary schools then against primary schools now, asking what is lost, whether the values which replace it are better and coming to a decisive answer.


25th Anniversary Quiz – Answers here

Non-fiction Writing 
Robert Bullard runs six courses for the university’s Department of Continuing Education.  Upcoming courses are given below.  For more details search ‘Bullard Conted Oxford’ or email

  • Non-fiction Writing Skills for Improvers – 2 November 2019
  • Effective Business Writing – 9 November
  • Persuasive Writing Techniques – 20 November
  • Quick Wins to Improve your Website – 11 January 2020
  • Get Blogging – 18 January
  • Improving Your Blog – 25 April

Creative writing seminars provided by Kellogg College are open to all with no need to book. Seminars are usually held monthly during term times. For the current programme, see

Forthcoming author talks at Oxford bookshops are listed here (Blackwells) and here (Waterstones).

Cherry Mosteshar’s consultancy The Oxford Editors ( is offering a 10% discount to all members of WIO on all services. The Oxford Editors also represents a small number of authors as their agent.

Megan Kerr offers creative writing courses and workshops as The Writers’ Greenhouse:

Story Elements: a twelve-week evening course to develop and practise the architecture of stories, using games & techniques you can apply to your own writing.  Elements include premise, characters, place, time, plot layering, bridging tension, sub-plots, detail, symbols, themes, opening scenes, and endings.

1 evening a week, 7pm – 9:30 pm, for 12 weeks, in Wolvercote
£320 (minus 10% discount for WiO members)

Imaginary Worlds: an eight-week evening course on world-building to improve or invent your own imaginary worlds: • explore the many genres that use imaginary worlds • how to constrain magic • make unlikely stuff convincing • your world’s physical detail • why your world matters • ripple-through effects • names and language • your characters’ political and economic realities • techniques for exposition

1 evening a week, 7pm – 9:30 pm, for 8 weeks, in Wolvercote
£240 (minus 10% discount for WiO members